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These studs meet and exceed the NLDR standards. We are listing these studs in order to promote the most suitable genetics available in the breed.

In an effort to promote leveraging the top NLDR studs we are trialing this listing for the next twelve months. We are providing this listing at no charge for studs that have the physical characteristics, temperament, and proof of ability that we believe are within our standards and most suitable for hunting and cattle work. If you have an outstanding Lacy stud, please contact us at

Having a solid stud is half of the genetic package required to produce outstanding pups. The correct match of outstanding dam with a stud that compliments her is critical to the advancement of the breed.

The NLDR can only attest to have evaluated these studs and collected proof that ensures their quality as breeding specimens. It is up to breeders to do their own research and carefully select breeding matches, then evaluate the offspring produced.