The National Registry for Working Lacy Dogs™

The National Lacy Dog Registry is proudly recognized as an approved registry for purebred Lacy Dogs by the National Lacy Dog Association. The NLDR was created to fill the growing need for standardization, preservation, and sound breeding practices in the Lacy community. We support breeding programs where an emphasis is placed on performance as well as appearance.

Why choose the NLDR? What makes us different from other registries?

Our Mission. The National Lacy Dog Registry is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation devoted to the conservation of this rare breed.

The NLDR is owned by, and therefore designed to serve the needs of, the Lacy Dog community. Our mission is to promote breeding for type, sound temperament, and to preserve the natural working ability in the purebred Lacy Dog.

To achieve this mission, the NLDR attempts to foster sound breeding practices through education and the funding of research. We are developing a multifaceted database which stores extended pedigrees as well as performance accomplishments, health certifications, inbreeding coefficients and more.

By combining these accurate records with standardized inspections and a thorough registration process, we aim to provide a superior experience for breeders and owners alike.

Service. We promise to provide our customers with quality service, personal attention, and quick turnarounds on registration papers. Our response and turnaround times are unmatched.

Registration on Merit. The NLDR was the first Lacy registry to offer a special designation for dogs that best exemplify the breed and the first Lacy registry to attach performance titles and certificates to pedigrees. To qualify for single registration, dogs must meet eligibility requirements and the breed standard.

Best for the Breed. The NLDA and NLDR have been on the forefront of using the science of genetics for the betterment of our breed.

‣ 5 generation pedigrees to assist breeders in breeding correctly.

‣ The NLDR was the first Lacy registry to contract with the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis to research and identify the coat color genetics of the Lacy breed. Read about the Lacy Dog Coat Color Genetics Project.

‣ No rule that prohibits line breeding. Matings between NLDR registered dogs do not need pre-approval. Those decisions are left to the discretion of individual breeders.

The NLDR stud book is currently open. We believe that if working-type Lacy dogs are to continue, improve, and remain viable as true working breed, a concerted effort to seek out lesser-known lines to make sure they don’t fade out is urgently needed.

The NLDR was established in 2009 by Betty Leek of Ft. McKavett, Texas.

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National Lacy Dog Registry Board of Directors:

Michael Sean Cockrell of Zephyr, TX

Vice President:
Courtney Farris of Llano, TX

Kirstin S Cockrell of Zephyr, TX

Angela Hernandez of Zephyr, TX

National Lacy Dog Registry ● 10500 CR 258 ● Zephyr, TX 76890
Phone: 214-507-0394
Secondary Phone: 830-220-4747

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